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The 10 Best Drama Flicks of All-Time

Choosing the 10 best is always tough, but here are some “must-sees” for drama flicks:

1) “Gone With the Wind” (1939): A vivid well acted tale of life in the civil war south. Clark Gable is excellent; delivers a great line.

2) “Citizen Kane” (1942): Orson Welles’ story told in flashback. Camera and sound techniques used by Welles were innovative and groundbreaking.

3) “Casablanca” (1942): Love story in N. Africa with classic Bogart in a challenging position, with friends and Ingrid Bergman.

4) “On the Waterfront” (1953): Somewhat dated, but Brando’s raw and real performance makes this film about unions still shine.

5) “The Godfather” (1972): A perfect cast tells the story of an Italian American crime family better than any other film…..ever

6) “Sophie’s Choice” (1983): Meryl Streep’s performance is heartbreaking when you find out what Sophie had to choose.

7) Schindler’s List” (1993): Liam Neeson gives one of the best screen performances you will ever see.

8 ) “Fearless” (1993): Jeff Bridges gives a winning powerful performance as a plane crash survivor.

9) “Nobody’s Fool” (1994): Paul Newman and a heartwarming story about family love and redemption

10) “The Ice Storm” (1997): Mundane life in 1960′s suburbia goes tragic.

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